The deportation of British Embassy workers

That afternoon we discovered 9 British Embassy workers were arrested for allegedly inciting riots.  Britain immediately chucked out some Iranian Embassy workers.  

It was impossible to find out what was actually happening.   

The average Iranian has this problem all their lives.  The rich families have illegal satellite discs and proxy-servers so they can access world news. 

We tried for Indian visas again in Tehran.  Because of the worsening situation with Britain, all the phone lines had been cut.  The Indian official behind the counter was very nice, and tried his hardest for us.

Sadly though, Indo-Anglian bureaucracy means that the only way to procure a visa for a Brit is to contact the Indian Embassy in London to request one. Obviously that was unlikely to happen.  The permission needed to be fax, and the E-mail system was aparently down anyway.  We were stuck, without an Indian visa, again. 

This meant that once in Pakistan we would be unable to leave to another country, should anything bad happen.  It also meant we would have to spend two weeks in Islamabad getting an Indian visa.  

There wasn’t a whole lot we could do about it though, so we left the next morning.

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