A Catalogue of Disasters, or Lost in Laos

Important:  If anyone finds our bag please contact us at nickyvaux@yahoo.co.uk or telephone us at our hotel in Vientiane on Laos (021) 212 682.  Many thanks, Nicky.

So Laos is nice.  It hasn't exactly been nice to us, but its nice. 

This last week's catala(o)gue of disasters:

Adam gave himself two black eyes and a possible fractured nose whilst plummeting off a zipwire from a great height.  He has spent the last few days looking remarkably like a congested elephant.

We both suffered diabolical alcohol-poisoning after consuming a lethal mix of snake juice and stolen Scottish whisky.

A gigantic hand-sized hairy spider made its home in our hut.  I discovered it in a distressingly myopic fashion.

I went completely off-the-radar bonkers for a few days in Luang Prabang, thanks to the impressive side-effects of some prescription drugs. 

We lost the bag off the back of the bike, somewhere very remote along the highway.  We lost a wide variety of items...

The ride has been very nice though. Laos is stunning. The waterfalls are amazing, and we happened upon a bear sanctuary. Still, not sure it will stick in my mind for the positives.

A real update will follow, just as soon as I've got my breath back and have stopped wanting to chuck myself down ravines.  Goodbye.


  1. Hi both. Just a note to say that we're really enjoying your tales (and writing style) as we'll be following Manfred's tyreprints next year. Fingers crossed for better fortune through the rest of Asia.

    Anita and Matt (aka The Barking Bikers) in the wet cold Midlands

  2. ..life can always be (much)worse...these little things happen and they seem like the end of the world when they do because it seems that they always occur at the most inopportune moments in life, but they are just little blimps. You aren't alone in your travelling mishaps...

    "keep on walking" Mr J. Walker

    from Mr. South American Adventure

  3. Oh poor you at least it can only get better from here.Hope the nose is all better and back on its bike
    love to you both


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