A Young Pakistani Girl's View on Things

The next day we were invited to an English class celebration by the river bank.

We met many young men keen to practise their English (some even more keen to try practising it on me). 

The group included a very mature and bright 13yr old girl, the only woman there, and amazing in her bravery.  I wouldn’t have done it at that age, especially as she shyly hid behind her dupatta to tell me she hated it when all the men of Gilgit looked at her. 

She spoke to me about a car accident they had had a couple of days previously on the cliff edge when their car had stalled, and said that Allah forgave them for it so it was not bad. 

I asked her favourite subject and she said Islamic Studies, where they are taught the stories from the Koran in Urdu.  (They did not learn Arabic, meaning they learnt the Koran’s prayers by rote.)

I asked her for a story from her Islamic Studies class, and she told me of Fahuveen. 

Fahuveen was a young man of whom Allah asked if he accepted Islam into his heart. Fahuveen said No.  Allah sent him hot coals to sleep on like fire, and then ate out his kidneys with his teeth.  Allah asked Fahuveen if he accepted Islam.  He said yes.

My young friend wanted to be a doctor.  She said of the men in Gilgit, as long as she is Good, they will be Good to her.  Inshallah.

She was very bright, and very pious. 

We fell asleep to the sound of the dogs being shot by the police outside our hotel.

We also walked past a man who found a sleeping dog, and, rather than sensibly letting it lie, decided to deliberately crush its leg under the wheel of his cart.  He laughed when he broke its leg and it yelped and limped off crying.

We are due to leave tomorrow.  Adam has just discovered a massive problem with the starter motor that they are trying to fix now.   We have until Friday to be out of Pakistan.  That’s not very long. 

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