The Big Plan

This is the very first blog post from our trip across the world. We had the idea late 2007, when we went up the Himalayas on a Royal Enfield. While we were up there, freezing in a tent at 5000m, we decided it was all a good laugh, and we'd save up and do it properly from the UK to at least Australia on a bike. So here we are, 2009, having saved up by working 3 jobs and living in a caravan on an organic farm in Tadcaster nr York for the last year and a half..
Our rough route is: France, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Bulgaria again, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, India, (possibly Nepal, maybe if very lucky China), Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia!!
Its open to change though, depending on what happens enroute. We've saved up enough fo a year's travel to Oz. Then we run out. Unless we can wrangle some money along the way, any way possible (well, any legal way). When we get to Australia we will work for a year to save up enough to come back, at least thats the plan so far, though shipping the bike to Sth America is pretty tempting- up from Argentina and Chile through Central America to the States and up to Canada, work there for a bit and head home...


  1. hello!!! How was Diwali in Calcutta?

  2. hey bhavna, it was brilliant thanks, very colourful and loud!! how are you? hows the job going??

  3. finally i've finish to read all off your blog from the very first start. Wonderfull experience thanks for sharing .....


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